We are hard at work in preparation for Spring 2021!

Unlike last year, we intend to have our indoor space OPEN to customers this season. Even though Covid is still with us, we feel that we will be able to offer our customers a safe shopping experience, while at the same time giving our staff a safe place to work. We are reevaluating our space and are relocating some benches and the check-out counters to create more space and a better flow to the greenhouse.  

As you look forward to warmer weather and start planning your gardens, please keep the following in mind.  

  • Masks will be required to shop in our store, both inside and outside.  
  • We will allow indoor shopping this year. Later in the season, we will have outdoor shopping available soon as the weather allows it.  
  • We will NOT accept orders to be pulled by our staff for customer pick-up, as we did in 2020. We don’t have space or enough staff to pick and hold orders, while at the same time having customers in the store. We know many people missed walking through our greenhouse, and by now, we all know how to shop under these new circumstances.  
  • Please be courteous to everyone in the greenhouse and allow adequate distance between yourself and other customers, as well as our staff.  
  • We will NOT be doing custom planters. Please do not bring any containers to the greenhouse to be planted.
  • We do not hold plants for a later pick-up. We are a first-come, first-serve business.  
  • We have a few months to go before we open. Things are subject to change, but our tentative plan is to open the indoor space in early April. Depending on the weather and conditions, we plan to offer a self-service trailer again this year for the early vegetable plants and pansies, most likely starting in late March.  

You can follow us on Instagram at halseyfarm, or check back here.

We will do our best to keep you updated as the season approaches.  

As usual, the Farmstand will be opening in June.

Halsey Farm & Nursery, Inc.

513 Deerfield Road

Water Mill, NY 11976