Updated April 7, 2020, Tuesday

Self Service Trailer Open today 9am-5pm 

We will be completely CLOSED Easter Sunday, no self service trailer available

In light of the Covid-19 outbreak, we have to make adjustments to our business for the well being of both our customers and our employees. 

Our indoor greenhouse space is closed to customers. No exceptions. You will see employees move in and out of the store but customers may not enter for any reason. 

However, we have many beautiful plants available and we know that everyone is anxious to have a little beauty in their life.  To start off the season, we will be offering a self-service, honor system of pansies, violas and a nice assortment of vegetable seedlings. We also have some geraniums and bacopa showing color so they are available as well. This is located on trailers located in front of our greenhouse store.

We will operate this way until April 15 at least, and then reevaluate. We will then move to a order ahead and curbside pickup policy, and incorporate contactless payment as well.  We are hard at work getting the website organized to facilitate this.

If you want to get started planning and refresh your memory as to what you bought in the past, there is an extensive list of everything we grow under the Greenhouse Spring 2020 tab "Master List for 2020". There will be separate list of "current availability" once we  move to online ordering. 

The store will not be open to the public to browse. 

The vast majority of our offerings are planted weekly or biweekly. Lettuce and our vegetable crops get planted every other week and we've increased our numbers this year and just started seeding them in the off weeks as well. If you see a "running low" note below, it means we have a temporary gap coming but more is growing in our greenhouses and will be available soon. Sold out means no more is coming. For example, onions & leeks have one planting available.

Prices are as follows, sales tax included  

We accept cash, Venmo @Adam-Halsey-3 (last 4 digits of associated phone number is 4735 if you need that) and checks payable to "Halsey Farm". 

We have a bright red lock box mounted to trailer for payment.     

  • 2.5 “ individual pansy & viola pots – $1.00 each   
  • 3.5” veggie pot - $3.50 each (peas, mixed lettuce, mesclun, tatsoi, kale, red kale, arugula, swiss chard, spinach,  and red onions (red is nearly sold out for 2020), yellow & walla walla onions, leeks)         
  • 4 seedling pack of parsley, cilantro, alyssum - $2.00 each 
  • 6 seedling pack of lettuce - $2.50 each (red, romaine, saladbowl, nevada,bibb, iceberg(all varieties running low, many more crops to come!)       
  • 10” Cool Wave Pansy Hanging Basket -  now $20.00 each   
  • large bags of potting soil - $20.00 each
  • Spring Planters - various sizes as marked - $10, $15, $20
  • Sweet-n-Neat Cherry tomatoes - grow in current pot on your patio, early cherry tomatoes! Yellow only this year - $14.00
  • Geraniums - We have few red and white in bloom available. $6.25 each
  • Bacopa, pink and white in bloom $5.75 each

To see photos of current items for sale, select "2020 Greenhouse photos" in the green bar.

Again, we will not have staff on hand to assist you as we start off the season.   

You can follow us on Instagram @halseyfarm

And Facebook at Halsey Farm & Nursery Inc. We will post there as well as any changes occur.  

Questions? Please EMAIL farmerhalsey@gmail.com    

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